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For our purposes, sociopaths are termed, “Sociopathic 301.81s.”

  • “Narcissist”: At root, narcissism is an utter lack of a capacity for empathy (LCE) but is defined with precision by the American Psychiatric Association in its DSM-5 at 301.81, “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

  • “Sociopath”: Webster’s: “A person suffering from a psychopathic personality (e.g. 301.81), whose behavior is aggressively anti-social.” 

Not all narcissists are sociopaths

– But all sociopaths are narcissists. 

Narcissism and Violence - NPR
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This expansive writer's guide is intended to assist authors in the creation of narcissistic and sociopathic characters. It helps users imagine a rich and genuine context by offering a variety of word associations and descriptive forms to create a unique resonance as an aid to brainstorming plots, character developments, action, romance, and more. This reverse-profiling manual  also serves as a tool for understanding the inner workings of 301.81s (those suffering from narcissistic personality disorder) and sociopaths, exposing their tell-tale characteristics and the underlying causes.

Villains began as a couple of thousand case studies, loose research notes, memories and random ideas that were sorted, edited, and re-sorted - over and over - until a creative model emerged from what was previously chaos. In his first reference book for employee self-defense, Bullying Bosses: A Survivor’s Guide (How To Transcend The Illusion Of The Interpersonal), Mueller incorporates lessons learned as a union attorney from investigating and representing various sides of sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying cases, many of which were a direct consequence of narcissistic personality disorder. Taking advantage of discoveries made by neuroscientists with their modern fMRI machines, as well as advances in genetics, Mueller now expands these understandings beyond abusers in the workplace to sociopathic narcissists in general. 

Embarcadero One: A Crime Thriller (based on law enforcement experience)

Elko: A Crime Thriller - In Progress-

(concerning LDS and Mormons based on a one year study in Utah)

For Bullying Bosses: A Survivor's Guide How to Transcend the Illusion of the Interpersonal
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